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Treatments include antipsychotic medication, specialist psychological therapies and community support programs to help with social connection, physical health, accommodation and work or school.Treatment for schizophrenia can last 2–5 years, or even longer.For a patient with schizophrenia, the death of a parent or other loved one, a change in therapist, moving from one apartment to another; these events can trigger acute anxiety, depression and psychotic episodes, which may lead to hospitalization.Even seemingly mildly stressful events such as a job interview or a date can have a devastating effect.I could be imagining things, or I could be totally spot on but I need your opinion.

One of the reasons schizophrenia can be so hard to treat is that many schizophrenics don't recognize that they are mentally ill.

Second thing would be that we've only been on one date?

I mean I'm sure if I suggested going somewhere he would be open to it, but once again I feel like he doesn't care because he never asks me if I want to go to do something with him, although he's mentioned that he wants me to come over and hang out/watch movies etc. You got wayyyy too much time on your hands if you're actually counting that. a) Have you not had occasions where the dreaded 20 minute mark passed between texts?

He said it the first time we met and hasn't said it again f.) He hasn't brought up actually 'dating' each other EVER The two most important things that bother me is that he takes so long to reply to texts because if you like someone why would you leisurely reply like that?

I usually take a long time to text back people that I care nothing about...

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