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Accordingly, in the paragraphs below, we explain and discuss the most significant "advantages and disadvantages of an S corporation" issues for small businesses: S Corporations present their owners and managers with several disadvantages, but perhaps the biggest disadvantage for a previously un-incorporated business concerns the extra accounting required.For the sole proprietorship that's considering an S corporation, the S corporation choice may require more or better bookkeeping and accounting.The Department of the Treasury and the Financial Stability Forum’s Working Group on Loss Provisioning have observed that the current accounting model for estimating credit losses is based on historical loss rates, which were low in the prefinancial crisis years.They said that earlier recognition of loan losses could have potentially lessened the impact of the crisis, when banks had to recognize the losses through a sudden series of provisions to the loan loss allowance, thus reducing earnings and regulatory capital.Such acknowledgment shall be made before a person who is authorized by the law of the place of execution to take acknowledgments of deeds and who, if he or she has a seal of office, shall affix it to the instrument; orpersons signing the instrument, in which case such signature or signatures shall constitute the affirmation or acknowledgment of the signatory, under penalties of perjury, that the instrument is his or her act and deed or the act and deed of the corporation, as the case may be, and that the facts stated therein are true.(f) If another Section of this Act specifically prescribes a manner of filing or executing a specified document which differs from the corresponding provisions of this Section, then the provisions of such other Section shall govern.

Sure, you know that many businesses operate as S corporations, but you also sense that they can burden you and your accountant with extra work and expense.

However, data are not publicly available that indicate the extent to which loan losses were driven by such declines in collateral values.

Fair value accounting also has been cited as a potential contributor to bank failures, but between 20 fair value accounting losses in general did not appear to be a major contributor, as over two-thirds of small failed banks’ assets were not subject to fair value accounting.

The inclusion shall constitute the affirmation or acknowledgement of the person, under penalties of perjury, that the instrument is his or her act and deed or the act and deed of the corporation, as the case may be, and that the facts stated therein are true.

Compliance with this Section shall satisfy the signature provisions of Section 101.10 of this Act, which shall otherwise apply.(a) Whenever any instrument authorized to be filed with the Secretary of State under any provision of this Act has been so filed and, as of the date of the action therein referred to, contains any misstatement of fact, typographical error, error of transcription or any other error or defect, or was defectively or erroneously executed, such instrument may be corrected by filing, in accordance with Section 101.10 of this Act, a statement of correction.before such filing, except that any right or liability accrued or incurred by reason of the error or defect being corrected shall be extinguished by such filing if the person having such right has not detrimentally relied on the original instrument; Certificates and certified copies of certain documents to be received in evidence.

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And partly, the extra cost stems from the fact that a corporate return is typically many more pages than a simple sole proprietorship tax return.

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