Djokovic dating ivanovic 2016

Djokovic has admitted that the level of competition between him and the Spaniard makes it difficult for the ultra-talented duo to get along."Nadal and I have always respected each other," he said to after booking his place in the quarter-finals.

Ana Ivanovic’s serve once reached a speed of 201 km/h (125 mph), the fifth fastest in the world, but as of late it has become unreliable dur to technical problems related to her ball toss.When she was 15, Ana Ivanovic spent four hours in the locker room crying after a defeat – the first that her new manager had watched.She thought that Dan Holzmann, the manager in question, would drop her, thinking that she was not good enough to become a professional tennis player. At the time, she was forced to train during the morning to avoid bombardments.Later, she admitted that she trained in an abandoned swimming pool in the winter, as there were no other facilities.

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Ana Ivanovic picked up a racket at the age of five after watching Monica Seles, a fellow Yugoslav, on television.

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